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Yatra Tips


Keep your documents updated for the travel. Passport, Identity Card, Dairy with address, Telephone numbers, contact maps chart Books of the area. Passport should be minimum 6 months validity.

Camera – Film rolls as per requirement, torch , spare cells, Binoculars, Conventional spectacles – contact lens not advisable, Caps, (sun/ snow / rain protection,) plastic mugs, swiss knife, Leak proof plastic, bottles 

Pure wool and thick cotton stocks Long johns wool or mixed combination . Down jacket : Litht, quilted wool pullovers Polo neck, Flannel shirts, Thick wool trousers, Warm light gloves, Balaclava Scraf, Cotton undergarments, towels, Hot water bottele, Keds boots, very light skid proof, water resistant, ankle protection and soft interior, - 2Pairs, Break, in earlier for comfortable use, Light shoulder, bag, Rain Coat with hood, personal clothing as required


The high altitude Tibetan is dry, cold and windily,. Diurnal variations are large. Nights are cold and windly. Heavy snow falls , torrential rains and strong icy winds are common features – any time. Flooding reveres and land slides are frequent. The altitude averages above 3500 Meters. The route less covers many high altitude passes. Oxygen is less at higher altitude . The inclement weather and high altitude induces Certain illness generally not encountered over the plains. Headache, Nausea Lassitude, Breathlessness, General uneasiness malaise , irritability, light loss of balance , disorientation, incoherence and insomnia are a few. It is common to all , irrespective of the age, sex and physical fitness. Reset Relax Do not exert yourself. Do not be excited. Reduce talking, walk slowly – adopt one third of our normal speed & space , keep our load light, walk 15kms. and rest for 5 minutes light weight warm clothing and boots would help reducing strain and burden. Never let yours if into boredom, Boredom inducts fatigue, mental abrasion and exhaustion.
Do not exercise, breath slowly never fast , Whenever you feel uncomfortable, just stop, rest and relax. Ignore the sudden outbursts of fellow pilgrims and avoid arguments . Observe silence with smile. Remember never go too high too fast. Avoid smoking and alchohal drugs or intoxicants. Consume plenty of liquids , never proceed with any empty stomach. Consult your DOCTOR to assess the state of your health to function safely with in your limitations. Learn the Do’s and DON’TS from his advice. In addition to the personal prescriptions by your physician, A first aid kit is essential for the travel. Request tour doctor to prescribe effective medicines to cover the following : Fever, Body joints congestion, Stiffness, Acidity, Stomach cramps, Loose motion, sore eyes, Sneezing Diarrhea, Swelling, Indigestion, ,cold and Cough, Sore throat, Headache etc.  In addition to medicines, your first aid kit must contain the following : Vaseline, Toilet paper, cotton, Bandage roll, Nose inhalers, Dust cover Surgeon’s mask, Cologne, Facial Tissues, Rubber bands , Chopstick, Cough drop Body Lotion Vicks, Eye masks, Band aid , Mouth fresheners, Dettol Listerine antiseptic, Candle and Lighter, Dark sunglasses, small plastic bags, Ear muffs.


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